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Who is afraid of Gramsci?

Contrary to what extreme right-wing sectors have spread, Antonio Gramsci’s thinking is not a Machiavellian domination of culture and politics. When Gramsci speaks of hegemony, he is describing the functioning of politics in our time.
6 de dezembro de 2023

Women versus the Nazis

Brazil was well represented by its nurses in World War II. Vírgínia Portocarrero was one such who took part in the Italian campaign.
12 de outubro de 2021

We need to talk about the History of the United States

Recently released “The United States: a history”, (Editora Contexto) warns that we cannot deny the tenacity of a past which lives on through veneration of the Confederacy and an age marked by the hierarchy of race. We interview its author, Vitor Izecksohn,
3 de outubro de 2021